Quantitative Production by 3 Milling Turrets with Y-axis!

  • Three turrets with Y-axis and twin spindles for Quick & Quantitative production
  • 3rd turret (lower turret) minimizes the cutting time difference between OP-10 and OP-20 to balance cutting tempo.
  • 3rd turret offers sufficient 32 tools for both OP-10 and OP-20 machining applications.
  • 3rd turret can be used as traveling steady rest, work rest or tailstock for more flexible applications.

Caractéristiques techniques

Item  \  Model Vturn-A200 (SM)Vturn-A200CM (SCM)

Vturn-A200YCM (YSCM)
Swing over bedmm830 (limited by front door)830 (limited by front door)
Swing over carriagemm720720
Between centersmm604604
Max. turning dia.mm390390 (390)
Std. Turning dia.mm320286 (286)
Bar capacity mm52 (opt. 66)52 (opt. 66)
X axis travelmm195+20 (160+50)165+50 (165+50)
Z axis travelmm600600
E axis travel (subspindle)mm- (550)- (550)
Y axis travelmm-±45
Rapid feedrate m/minX/Z: 24/24 (E:15)X/Z: 24/24 Y:10 (E:15)
Feed servo motor  KWX:3, Z:4 (E:2.5)X:3, Z:4, Y:3 (E:2.5)
JOG feedrate mm/minX/Z=0~1260X/Z=0~1260
Ballscrew dia. x pitch mmf32×P6 (X), f40×P8 (Z)

f40×P8 (E)
f32×P6 (X), f40×P8 (Z)

f32×P6 (Y), f40×P8 (E)
Max. spindle speedrpm4200 (belt-driven)4200 (belt-driven)

Opt. 5000 (built-in)
Spindle nose (chuck) InchA2-6 (8”)A2-6 (8”)
Spindle boreMm62 (opt. 76)62 (opt. 76)
Spindle motor (cont./30min)KW7.5/9 (αiIP15)7.5/9 (αiIP15)

opt.15/18.5 (BiI180M)
Bearing inside dia.mm100 (opt. 110)100 (opt. 110)
Max. spindle speedrpm7000 (built-in)7000 (built-in)
Spindle nose (chuck) inchA2-5 (5”)A2-5 (5”)
Spindle motor (cont./25%)KW7.5/11 (Bil112S)7.5/11 (Bil112S)
Bearing Inside dia.mm7575
Spindle boremm4242
Bar capacitymm3030
TurretNo. of toolsno.1212
No. of live toolsno.-12 (DIN 1809)
Tool shank sizemm20 (opt.25)20
Max. boring bar dia.mm40BMT-55
Exchange time (T-T) sec0.3 0.3
Exchange time (including disk up & down)sec1.04 (Adjacent)

1.45 (opposite)
1.04 (Adjacent)

1.45 (opposite)
Milling speed  rpm-4000 (opt. 6000)
Milling motor (cont./15%)KW-3.7/7.5 (βiI3/12000)
Quill diametermm7575
Quill taper MT#4MT#4
Quill stroke mm8080
Positioning accuracy (bi-directional)mm0.010.01
Coolant tank capacity.L330330
NC controllerFanuc0i-TF Plus (10.4”)0i-TF Plus (10.4”)
Power requirementKVA21 (28)35 (44)
L×W×H (with chip conveyor)mm3882 x 2430 x 20563882 x 2430 x 2056

3882 x 2430 x 2286
Net weight        kg6500 (6700)6800 (7000)

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