Caractéristiques techniques

Item \ model UnitVturn-V560 (CV)1
Swing over bedmm600
Swing over carriagemm540
Max. turning lengthmm520
Std. turning dia.mm470
X axis strokemm280+130
Z axis strokemm540
Max. spindle speedrpm2500
Spindle nosemmA2-8
Spindle boremm86
Inner bearingmm130
Chuck diameterinch12" (Opt. 10"/15"/18")
Max. part weight (incl. chuck)kg593
Turret No. of toolsno.8
No. of live tools (opt.)no.8 (VDI-40)

(DIN-5482, axial type, left-hand)
Tool shank sizemm32
Max. boring bar dia.mm50
Exchange timesec.1 (hydraulic)
Feedrate Rapid feedratem/minX/Z = 15/24
X axis ballscrewmmØ50 x P10 (moving column)
Z axis ballscrewmmØ40 x P12
Cutting federatemm/minX/Z=0~1260
Motor Spindle motorkW15/18.5 (αP30i)

Opt. 18.5/22 (αP40i)
Gearbox Optional
X/Z axis servo motorkWX:4, Z:4
Milling motor (opt.)kW4 kW
MachineFanuc controller 0i-T
Coolant tankLiter185
W × L × H (including chip conveyor)mm1560 × 3250 × 2918
Power requirementkVA40 (45 for CV)
Net weightkg6000
Item \ model UnitVturn-V760 (CV)
Capacity Swing over bedmm900
Swing over carriagemm650
Max. turning lengthmm760
Std. turning dia.mm630
Travel X axis stroke mm380+40 (380+30 for CV)
Z axis strokemm780
Max. spindle speedrpm2000
Spindle nosemmA2-11
Spindle boremm105
Inner bearingmm160
Chuck diameterinch18"(Opt. 15"/21"/24"/28"/32")
Max. part weight (incl. chuck)kg1160
Turret No. of toolsno.12
No. of live tools (opt.)no.12 (VDI-50)

(DIN-5480, radial type, left-hand)
Tool shank sizemm32
Max. boring bar dia.mm60 (opt. 63)
Exchange timesec.1 (hydraulic)
Rapid feedratem/minX/Z = 20/20
X axis ballscrewmmØ40 x P10
Z axis ballscrewmmØ50 x P10
Cutting federatemm/minX/Z=0~1260
Spindle motorkW30/37 (α30i)
Gearbox ZF gearbox (STD)
X/Z axis servo motorkWX:4, Z:7
Milling motor (opt.)kW7 kW
MachineFanuc controller 0i-T
Coolant tankLiter300
W × L × H (including chip conveyor)mm2032 × 3915 × 3400
Power requirementkVA72 (88 for CV)
Net weightkg12500
Item \ model UnitVturn-V1000 (CM)
Swing over bed
Swing over carriagemm870
Max. turning dia.mm1000
Max. turning lengthmm850 (825)
Max. turning lengthmm885 (756)
Travel X mm500+40
Z axis strokemm850
Spindle Max. spindle speedrpm1500
Spindle base speedrpm96
Spindle nose A2-15
Spindle bore mm105
Inner bearing (front)mm200
Chuck diameterinch24” (opt. 28”/32”/36”/40”)
Max. part weightkg1250
Turret No. of toolsno.12
No. of live tools (opt.)no.12 (BMT-85)
Tool shank sizemm32
Max. boring bar dia.mm60 (opt. 80)
Exchange timesec.1 (hydraulic)
(0.2 servo for CM)
Feedrate Rapid m/minX/Z = 20/20
X axis ballscrewmmf50 x P8
Z axis ballscrewmmf50 x P8
JOG feedratemm/minX/Z=0~1260
Spindle motorkw37/45
GearboxkwZF Gearbox (STD)
X/Z axis servo motorkwX:4, Z:7
Milling motorkw7
MachineFanuc controller 0i-TD
Coolant tankLiter400
W × L × H (including chip conveyor)mm2510 x 4155 x 3546
Power requirementkVA83 (90 for CM)
Net weightkg16000

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